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14 Apr 2016

Beautiful Seniors enjoying InTouchLink TV and Music!

Check out this adorable video of seniors at the beautiful Madison Village in Florida enjoying their InTouchLink TV. The dance moves are incredible!

We're all about bringing the community together. This video is a beautiful depiction of why we do what we do.

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30 Mar 2016

The New Age of Retirement Homes

Here is a wonderful example of a senior living centre taking community living to the next level.

 As Executive Director Joe Carella states in this insightful article:

"You can have a beautiful mansion, the country club atmosphere or the Ritz-Carlton feel, but if you’re isolated, then you become institutionalized".


Communication and involvement in the community is absolutely critical for seniors' health, well-being and happiness.

At InTouchLink, we strive to promote this level of community spirit for all of our partners across North America.


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04 Jan 2016

Top Apps for Seniors !

Senior citizens are one of the fastest growing demographics to embrace technology. And with good reason! It has been proven that with the right repertoire of apps, mobile technologies can create major lifestyle improvements for seniors. Check out the links below for a list of nifty apps that cover everything from entertainment to health! 

Sunrise Senior Living Blog's Top 20 Apps for Senior Citizens

Keystone Technologies' 11 Essential Apps Every Senior Should Have

Good Samaritan Society's 15 Great Apps for Seniors

18 Dec 2015

New Study shows a 50% Improvement in Resident Satisfaction after Installing InTouchLink

  • Prior to implementing InTouchLink, 94% of communities reported issues in communication. These issues are a root cause of extreme dissatisfaction from residents and their families.
  • A study conducted on the implementation of InTouchLink shows dramatic improvements in both communication within the community and the satisfaction ratings of staff, residents and their families.
  • The implementation of an all-in-one technological platform has the ability to greatly influence a community’s capacity to manage multiple functions efficiently, successfully retain staff and residents, and improve overall effectiveness.

Below, you will find more details of this ground-breaking study:


North America’s Leading All-In-One LTC Technology Solution

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