• Super easy to use. No training required.
  • Keep in touch with friends and family.
  • Enjoy Internet news, video and much more.

Easy To Use Computers

  • Simple, large buttons provide easy navigation throughout the email account
  • Email feature includes send, receive, reply, forward, and delete capabilities
  • Easy importing and saving of picture attachments into personal photo album
  • Easy usage and saving of email attachments and web links
  • The internet feature divides websites into 12 simple categories (including: news, shopping, medical and financial). Each category holds a simple list of suggested websites, minimizing the daunting nature of the internet
  • Access to global internet
  • Simple Google Search Box allows guided access to search the internet
  • Personal photo album with easy, fast importing of pictures from email or the internet
  • Digital Photo Frame feature
  • Personal calendar with simple easy options to create reminders for:
    Appointments, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Reminders
    Games, video, movies, radio and many other entertainment options
    Customizable greeting cards for all occasions
InTouchLink, the premier provider of easy to use computers has created a super-easy computer experience using an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. InTouchLink gives seniors and those with minimal experience using computers or the Internet a fun, safe, and easy-to-learn system for emailing, surfing the Internet and so much more.

InTouchLink is a web-based system than be used anywhere. This means that whether it's from home, at a family-member's house or even on the road, InTouchLink can be accessed on any computer, tablet or phone with an Internet connection.

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